The Ever-growing list of stuff that’s just too good to keep to myself.

I spend a good deal of personal time continuing to learn, not only in the marketing and business arenas, but in all facets of my life. Those of you who know me know that I love books on marketing, business, public speaking, cleaning and organizing, as well as fitness, healthy diet, parenting, and positive outlook. I want to share the “gems” I find as I learn with you.

The resource links below are mostly in audio format, to podcasts and audiobooks that I have gotten through iTunes and Since I most often “read” through audio, I have included the links to this format. You can find the books at as well, as well as other book sellers. The podcasters invariably have blogs you can seek out to read instead if you prefer a non-audio format. I gravitate to audio because it lets me absorb the information while I work out or commute. This allows me to consume about a book a week.

Note: For online classes, I suggest if you need more in-depth training than you can find on YouTube (which I LOVE). Udemy courses are often steeply discounted, and if you sign up, you’ll get notifications of sales on courses in your wish list and related topics of interest. I average paying $10 per course here, even on classes that weigh in at 25 hours of content.

This list is on-going as I seek and discover great resources. I would love to hear back from you about your own favorites. Let me know what works for you!